Why Boostmyfeed?

The answer is simple

we create flawless product feeds

Boostmyfeed is a project by Christoffer Steenbeck.

"I am a web developer, part time webshop owner and I love to develop and disrupt business models which needs to or can be done in another and smarter way. I've started a few webshops during my time as an entrepreneur. Some grew big and was sold and others grew out of my hands and I had to resign."

Why Boostmyfeed?

"As a web developer, I have become acquainted with quite many webshops through time. Often I've had customers asking for customization of their product feeds as they wished to push their products through their favourite channels. In 9 out of 10 cases the product feed coming from their webshop was insufficient."

"There's quite some third-party extensions out there which takes the product feeds 80% of the way. But there's none taking them the 100% to a advantageous product feed."

Tons of hours later

"Before I learned how to code I bought my first webshop platform from a bureau. I paid, let's be honest, quite an amount for that. After the payment was made I thought I was almost at the finish line and that my new webshop was state of the art - ready to conquer the world. Every minute was billed and I ended up with paying even more than what I at first thought was 'quite an amount' already... I had to learn, how to code!"

"Tons of hours in front of the computer led me to today. Now I knew how to code myself. This led to the product feed optimization idea. I love to challenge what can be done automatically, freeing up resources and time. In the end it should also affect the webshop owner - providing them with tools to decrease their monthly billing for something as simple as... product feeds. Who wouldn't love that?"

"My insights from before I could code vs. after I learned to code. My insights from being a webshop owner for many, many years and helping out many other webshops during the last few years - gives me the experience and knowledge to develop Boostmyfeed."

"Did I mention that Boostmyfeed offers the first channel for free? I would love to have you onboard!"

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