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Coolshop Marketplace Feed

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The vision of Coolshop Marketplace

Coolshop aims to be the best Marketplace in Scandinavia displaying only the best products at the best prices from the best vendors. Quality is valued over quantity by giving the customers the best guidance in choosing their products from a broad variety of product categories.

Some Coolshop Marketplace statistics:

  • Operating in 7 countries: DK, SE, NO, FI, DE, NL, UK
  • 1.800.000 happy customers
  • 245 million DKK turnover
  • 6.450.000 unique visitors per year
  • 270.000 newsletter subscriptions

By joining Coolshop Marketplace

you will get...

... a professional partner in sales, with more than 13 years of experience in e-commerce.

... a solid and well organized sales platform displaying a broad variety of product categories.

... professional assistance in marketing and improving your position in the market.

... the possibility to benchmark against competitive vendors and monitor product prices.

... some of the lowest commission rates for markeplace vendors.

... the benefit of Coolshop’s leading brand in nordic e-commerce and being associated with a strong CSR-profile.

... the support and guidance of an account manager dedicated to you and reachable by phone, skype and email, who also will advise in pricing and positioning on the Coolshop Markeplace.

As one of the first sellers you will also benefit from more visibility and higher ranking compared to other markeplaces.


International trade is also made easy with Coolshop Marketplace as you will be given an easy and low risk access to all of Coolshop’s 7 operational markets (DE, DK, FI, NL, NO, SE & UK)

You only have to give up one price on your offer and Coolshop will calculate the conversion rate, VAT and tax for the different markets. You’re also allowed to give up specific prices for each market, of course.

NB: The shops are responsible for duties and custom clearance. A seperate shop is required to sell outside the EU (including Norway.)


  1. Your products and offers will be fully integrated into the Coolshop storefront which include our own retail business. In that way, you place your products in the Coolshop shop windows.
  2. You sell under your own name and it will be visible on the product sheet.

Easy integration and management

By using Boostmyfeed to connect with the Coolshop Marketplace you’ll experience an seamlessly integration from your own webshop to your Coolshop backend.

One registration at Coolshop Marketplace as a vendor allows you to integrate your products and offers on all of the Coolshop sites*. You will be given access to the user friendly Coolshop Marketplace Platform from where you manage catalogue, orders, price & stock, statistics, customer service and more.

* A seperate shop is required to sell outside the EU (including Norway)

Coolshop Marketplace differs from other Marketplaces by…

... displaying selected quality products and vendors who offer the best prices and best delivery time, making the site more user friendly for the customers and thereby increasing the conversion rate.

So, if you offer the best prices and/or best delivery time, your products will be offered to the customer with less competition from other vendors.

... having transparent prices. All prices on the Coolshop Marketplace include VAT, duties and shipping cost.

In that way the customer does not experience add on prices when checking the order out or when receiving the order.

Financial conditions

No initial setup costs.

The commission depends on the product category (incl. VAT, duties, shipping and delivery costs) displayed visibly on the Coolshop Marketplace Platform (CMS) Optional, but worth it: A monthly subscription fee (250 DKK for all 7 markets) will provide you with low commission rates.

You also get the possibility to add extra value to your sales channel with promotion in the Coolshop newsletter being sent out for more than 245.0000 possible customers, campaigns and other marketing promotions.

Why not get get the most out of your marketing budget with less work?

Expand your sales and visibility with Coolshop marketplace as one of the first Marketplace Vendors on one of the leading Scandinavian online stores.

So if you prioritize customer satisfaction, have a quality assortment at competitive prices and wish to boost your sales contact Mathias at Coolshop Marketplace today on:
Phone: 7262 8641 E-mail:
Review of Coolshop Marketplace

We're using the Coolshop Marketplace to sell Xbox & Playstation related goods. Games, giftcards etc. The Coolshop Marketplace seems to be a shortcut to distribute our products into new markets and we also see it as an advantage that customers at this marketplace is able to compare our prices with other shops.

Coolshop Marketplace
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