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Review of Den Blå Avis

At first we only used Den Blå Avis to sell outdated and unboxed products. Today we also use DBA to sell new goods aswell.

Den Blå Avis
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DBA Feed
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Decided to try something new and migrate your DBA Feed to a new channel?

Made a decision to try a new channel? We help you migrate data from your current DBA Feed to a new channel? Looking for the most convenient way to do that? Boostmyfeed will help you to perform a fast and accurate migration. The process is fully automated and it won’t take more than a few minutes to migrate all data. Moreover, it is not even necessary to have high technical skills. Migrate your data with Boostmyfeed and feel the benefits of market your products in a whole new channel in an instant.

How It Works

With the Boostmyfeed platform the migration of your DBA Feed to any other channel will be effortless and 100% secure with no tech skills required.
All you need to do is follow the instructions provided below

  1. Create a Boostmyfeed account or log in to your existing account
  2. Add your shop to your account
  3. Add your DBA Feed to your shop
  4. ... wait for a little while
  5. Click to attribute mapping - map your attributes and click save
  6. ... wait for a little while
  7. Click to the feed tab and activate your desired channel

No time to perform setup and migration on your own? We will do everything for you at a very low cost. Email us at