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Sign up for Boostmyfeed today and we will help you connect with Facebook in an instant.

Just a few clicks away is your flawless ready-to-go Facebook feed ready for you. Which of course meets all the requirements for data structure by Facebook.

Get started with Facebook Dynamic Ads!

With a Facebook product feed from Boostmyfeed, you can quickly get started with Facebook advertising.

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Facebook product feed

Get your webshop aligned with your Facebook Dynamic Ads without even touching a finger. If you own a webshop and got no further interest in the technical setup itself, something that seems so easily setup could be tearing you apart. Even the most experienced webshop specialist could experience challenges when setting up a Facebook Dynamic Ads using the Facebook product feed from their webshop.

Avoid the trouble with a coder and get a plug’n’play solution. Boostmyfeed would, of course, be our suggestion…

Depending on the platform you wish to upload your product feed to there might be some different data structures which your product feed should apply to. Same story goes for a Facebook product feed. A well structured product feed is 90% of a well performing Facebook Dynamic Ad.

At Boostmyfeed we have chosen to automate this process of creating a flawless Facebook product feed, regardless of whether you have used the same product feed that you have used for other platforms, we make sure everything is… flawless!

Maybe you’re lucky to have an internal coder but even in this situation you might lack of speed and why not use the time of a skilled coder for something more complex? A Facebook product feed is honestly just a lot of data that is set in the right way. Well yes, we made them simple!

If you need to hire an external coder you might pay a few hundred dollars per hour. Use that gold elsewhere; we made you able to save them!

And best of all?

It’s 100% Free!

Facebook Dynamic Ads paired with Boostmyfeed sets your marketing on autopilot

Facebook Dynamic Ads is an incredibly effective way of advertising, if used efficiently. And Facebook is used effectively when you do not have to adjust your Dynamic Ads all the time. Manually.

Uploading your Facebook product feed to Facebook's Business Manager and getting your Facebook Pixels correct on your website will allow you to create these Facebok Dynamic Ads. Ads that expose the visitors to the products they have previously viewed at your webshop.

You can choose which categories Facebook should include. In addition, you can go extra aggressively by looking at whether they have put the products in the basket and make specific ads for these visitors.

Show your products directly in your Facebook Store

If you have a Facebook page linked to your webshop, you will eventually also make a Facebook post from time to time, right? By having your business manager paired with your Facebook product feed, you can, under your updates, show your products with image and name.

When customers click, they will get pushed directly to your webshop. This is an easy and not at least the better way to make you stand out being even more professional to your visitors - and eventually (of course!) get you even more orders in your webshop.

Always be up-to-date with your Facebook product feed

We have developed an algorithm that ensures that your Facebook product feed is always up to date and flawless. This prevents you from using your marketing budget to advertise for products you may not have in stock.

Boostmyfeed simply makes a very complicated process easy and straightforward, no matter if you are an e-commerce manager or maybe a very experienced marketer, or if you are completely new. Developed by e-merchants, to e-merchants.

Why not make more money from your Facebook Dynamic Ads with less work?

Claim your free Boostmyfeed account today and boost your Facebook product feed with all the free Boostmyfeed features!

Review of Boostmyfeed Facebook feed

I'm a professionel online marketer and I've been using tons of different feed tools throughout time.

By using the Boostmyfeed platform to create Facebook product feeds for our customers I'm able to setup Facebook Dynamic Ads in an instant. On top of Boostmyfeed being very easy to use and providing the tools I need I'm also confident about the data we push to our Facebook business manager is always up-to-date.

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Get your Facebook Feed migrated
Facebook Feed
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in a few mins
Decided to try something new and migrate your Facebook Feed to a new channel?

Made a decision to try a new channel? We help you migrate data from your current Facebook Feed to a new channel? Looking for the most convenient way to do that? Boostmyfeed will help you to perform a fast and accurate migration. The process is fully automated and it won’t take more than a few minutes to migrate all data. Moreover, it is not even necessary to have high technical skills. Migrate your data with Boostmyfeed and feel the benefits of market your products in a whole new channel in an instant.

How It Works

With the Boostmyfeed platform the migration of your Facebook Feed to any other channel will be effortless and 100% secure with no tech skills required.
All you need to do is follow the instructions provided below

  1. Create a Boostmyfeed account or log in to your existing account
  2. Add your shop to your account
  3. Add your Facebook Feed to your shop
  4. ... wait for a little while
  5. Click to attribute mapping - map your attributes and click save
  6. ... wait for a little while
  7. Click to the feed tab and activate your desired channel

No time to perform setup and migration on your own? We will do everything for you at a very low cost. Email us at