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Facebook Dynamic Skin

Facebook Dynamic Skin

Have you noticed that some Facebook Dynamic Ads does look different and stands out of the norm? Maybe they even caught your eyes and interest even better? This is probably just not an ordinary product image with white background - it’s the level above. Keep reading!

Boostmyfeed introduces Facebook Dynamic Skin

With a Boostmyfeed account this opportunity is just a few clicks away. Just let Boostmyfeed generate your Facebook product feed and we will leave you laid back while we do adjust to the guidelines of data structure in a flawless Facebook product feed.

By introducing the Facebook Dynamic Skin function from Boostmyfeed we do take your plain product feed to the next level!

To make a long story short. With Dynamic Skin it is possible to add a design to one's product images. Product images that use Dynamic Skin will equally allow you to create a little more attention - in an otherwise trivial Facebook news feed. It’s for sure better than the traditional product images that the competitors uses…

Easily add price, logo and/or border

You have access to Facebook Dynamic Skin when you are logged into your Boostmyfeed account and added your first store with a product feed.

Using our ‘Compose Data' feature we allow you to easily customize your Dynamic Skin layouts. With our online editor you get the opportunity to add and remove styling on your product images.

Once your new Dynamic Skin layout is complete, simply click on "use composed data" next to your Facebook product feed and it will then be added as a layer on top of all your product images at the next update.

Automatic image resizing

Don’t you hate it when your product images gets cropped in your Facebook Ads? This happens because Facebook needs a square image for product/carousel ads and to get it they just cut off some height or width.

  • Dynamic Skin makes your product images squared
  • Dynamic Skin adds a white background
  • Dynamic Skin does not crop images in a bad way!

You're in the driver's seat

The above is undoubtedly a couple of clever features, but you definitely do not have to apply them all - or, for that matter, any of them.

It is completely free to use and you maybe just use the features that you think work best. You maybe one week use a layout with blue border and logo and the next week a layout with red border but without logo and so on. You decide.

Create a Boostmyfeed account today and gain access to Facebook Dynamic Skin