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Google Shopping Feed

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Google Shopping feed

Back in 2014 Google Shopping became accessible to all. At first it was just an add-on to the very popular Google Adwords ads. Today Google Shopping is more or less one of the most effective ways of doing advertisements online.

Google Shopping is the product ads which you meet in the top of your search results whenever searching for a given product. There’s no doubt that these ads are a real eye catcher when doing search on Google!

Upload your Google Shopping feed and start your ads today!

Despite the fact that Google Shopping is one of the most effective platforms when it comes to PPC there still seems to be some webshops out there who haven’t even started advertising on Google Shopping, yet. They could be stopped by the Google Shopping product feed requirements - they’re complicated but using a tool like Boostmyfeed makes it a walk in the park. Seriously.

Basically a Google Shopping feed needs to contain some specific informations which of course also needs to be within the correct data structure. Using Boostmyfeed? No worries, we got your back on this!

No matter if you are a skilled e-commerce manager, webshop owner, marketing specialist or maybe new to this whole e-commerce world - we promise you that Boostmyfeed would make you save time. Lots of time.

If you’re within an organization your external developer might be quite expensive and busy - this also applies if you’re a one man army with no technical background… No matter your situation you would have 2 options

  1. Get the knowledge yourself. Might take some time.
  2. Pay a developer a few hundred dollars per hour to do the setup and wait, wait, wait.

… or you could simply create a Boostmyfeed account and get your Google Shopping feed ready in seconds. Literally, seconds.

We just simplified product feeds and would love to have you onboard.

Get your flawless Google Shopping feed

Boostmyfeed is developed by e-merchants for e-merchants. No matter the platform you might have today; could be any ERP, CMS, shopsystem or another fancy word for an awesome setup you might have you’re able to connect with Boostmyfeed. It’s easy!

The backbone of Boostmyfeed is a flawless algorithm which does make product feeds simple, real simple. Upload your current product feed - could be in any data structure - map your fields - and with the flip of a switch you’re live with a Google Shopping feed or any other product feed you might need.

Google Shopping feed optimized

Having a Boostmyfeed account allows you to optimize your Google Shopping feed to flawlessness! Transform your data with the Boosttools available within your account. You can literally do anything with your data. The result is a well structured Google Shopping feed making you ready to activate the power of Google Shopping.

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Review of Google Shopping

We've been using Google Shopping for quite some time but never really got the 'perfect setup'. We might have been close to but the butterfly feeling in the stomack failed to appear. A colleague stumbled upon Boostmyfeed on Linkedin and the possibility to create Google Shopping feeds through this tool.

Till date this is the best feed management tool we've used within our organization.

Google Shopping
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Get your Google Shopping Feed migrated
Google Shopping Feed
Source: Google Shopping Feed
in a few mins
Decided to try something new and migrate your Google Shopping Feed to a new channel?

Made a decision to try a new channel? We help you migrate data from your current Google Shopping Feed to a new channel? Looking for the most convenient way to do that? Boostmyfeed will help you to perform a fast and accurate migration. The process is fully automated and it won’t take more than a few minutes to migrate all data. Moreover, it is not even necessary to have high technical skills. Migrate your data with Boostmyfeed and feel the benefits of market your products in a whole new channel in an instant.

How It Works

With the Boostmyfeed platform the migration of your Google Shopping Feed to any other channel will be effortless and 100% secure with no tech skills required.
All you need to do is follow the instructions provided below

  1. Create a Boostmyfeed account or log in to your existing account
  2. Add your shop to your account
  3. Add your Google Shopping Feed to your shop
  4. ... wait for a little while
  5. Click to attribute mapping - map your attributes and click save
  6. ... wait for a little while
  7. Click to the feed tab and activate your desired channel

No time to perform setup and migration on your own? We will do everything for you at a very low cost. Email us at