First channel is free!

The next ones comes at just € 9 per channel, per mo.

Agency? Enjoy up to 250 channels at just € 198 per mo.

A price we are proud of

No setup cost, no minimum contract terms, no fees

Pricing FAQ

What does 'first channel is free' means?

It's quite simple. It should be understood just as it's written. You may activate the first channel in every profile you add in your Boostmyfeed account for free. And yes. You may add more profiles in your account. And yes. You get 1 free channel per profile. You could basically create 5 profiles which would give you 5 free channels. 1 free channel per profile.

Is my 'free channel' restricted in any way?

Lol. We've heard rumors of functionality restrictions on free accounts. But. Boostmyfeed won't be that platform. Activate your free channel and experience the full power of the Boostmyfeed platform. You're welcome!

Termination of subscription

"We're the last integration you'll ever do." We strive to meet our own goal.That being said. You may always terminate your subscription at any time. Of course. Your product feeds will keep updating until your paid period expires.

Do Boostmyfeed has any bond period?

No. You may leave at any time.

How many profiles may I add in my account?

5. If you need more than 5 profiles in your account - you should choose the Agency license which allows you to add 22 profiles. In need of more than 22 profiles in your account? Contact us at [email protected]
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